An Elegant English Afternoon Tea!
On Saturday, February 14, 2015 the Maysville Country Club in Maysville, KY hosted a fantastic fundraiser for the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center. There were 178 people who attended the event, and more that 30 that were turned away due to the seating capacity.
Each table was decorated by a different person. They used their own china, created beautiful centerpieces, and created an elegant, vintage atmosphere.
The event was headlined by Wedding Folklorist and Author, Cornelia Powell. Ms. Powell gave a presentation that included a slideshow featuring the brides of Downton Abbey. She also brought vintage items and two books that she has written.
I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to photograph the event. I am sharing some of the event photos below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Two vintage dresses on display during the event.
Everyone is enjoying their snowy Valentine's Day afternoon at the tea party.
We had a flapper in attendance!
The chef, Melissa Manley, and a major contributing member, Kaye Browning, who helped organize the event. This picture capture the essence of the day! 
Three generations of one family attended the tea party together. Amazing family.
The woman of the hour, Cornelia Powell.
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