Facebook Event Banner
The drawing for this was hand-drawn by author/illustrator Sean McHugh. You can get more information about the Broomsticks book series here.
Newspaper Ad in the Ledger-Independent
I replicated the header on this ad from the original ads for the Russell Theatre. The theatre has been closed as a theatre since 1983; this was the first time a movie had been shown in the auditorium since 1983. We had many events during this weekend and this was one of the ads for two special events.
Flyer for the Broomsticks event
This half-page flyer was created to promote the Broomsticks event. The illustration on the flyer was hand-drawn by author/illustrator Sean McHugh. You can like the Broomsticks Facebook page by clicking here.
Broomsticks "Movie" Poster
The illustration on this poster is the same drawing used for the cover of the book. This poster was was 36"x54" and hung in the movie poster boxes on the front of the theatre. It was printed on UV protected vinyl.
Broomsticks T-shirts
These shirts were created for this event and were very popular with both children and adults.
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