"Scattered Memories"
To some this seems like a huge mess, but if you look closer, these are old ticket stubs. Somewhere out there, someone else has the other half of these stubs; they represent all of your treasured memories from first dates and premieres, to the last showing of the last show before the Russell Theatre closed its doors. People hold on to mementos from events that were special, events they want to relive--so does the theatre.
"The Blues"
This is a beautiful, old piano left in the orchestra pit of the Russell Theatre. While it has seen better days, it is still there to tell a story and that's what counts!
"Tattered and Torn"
This is one of the original tapestry pieces that framed the theatre's screen. Just as the theatre has been tattered and torn so has this tapestry. Both have been standing since 1930, and both are still standing today!
"The Voice of the Theatre"
This sign is on the side of the sound machine that still sits on the stage today. It's beauty lies within its history and its importance during its day and time.
"Best Seat in the House"
This is a row of the original seats in 3rd balcony of the theatre. They are ornate and detailed and still in amazing condition. They too were left to tell their tale.
This is one of the original projectors that made the Russell Theatre come alive! It still stands there, at the top of the theatre in the projection room, intact, today.
"A Room With a View"
This is a photo that was taken in from the projection room of the theatre. There are still two original projectors in the projection room, as well as video reels. This is truly an awesome view.
"The Phoenix"
Yes this is a Venus statue, but this statue is a Phoenix. It was completely demolished, non-existent, when restoration began but from the ashes (or pebbles in this case) the statue rose. It was recreated using the statue at the opposite end of the hall as a model.
"The Venus"
This Venus statue is original to the theatre and is the one used to recreate the one that had been destroyed. While this one has been restored, thankfully it was left intact so that the theatre could maintain this historic architectural element.
"Taking It All In"
This is a panoramic view of the newly restored lobby at the Russell Theatre. This theatre has come a long way; from the authentic movie poster and original ticket box, to the only remaining Venus statue.
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